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  Fourth Order 673
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  Boston Harbor ORN

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  Tender George Cobb 116
  Barque Eagle 117

Heceta Head Oregon
Harbour Lights #455

Positioned on the cliffs 256 feet above sea level, the Heceta Head Light house delivers a commanding view of the Pacific Coastline. The lighthouse was named after the Spanish explorer, Captain Don Bruno de Heceta of the Spanish Royal Navy, whose expeditions brought him to the Oregon coast around 1775.

The site, located roughly eleven miles north of Florence and eleven miles south of Yachats, was purchased in 1889. One thousand barrels of blasting powder were required to level an even slab on the rocky cliffs. Lumber was provided from local mills, masonry and cement came from San Francisco, and the rock used in the base of the tower was quarried from the Clackamas River near Oregon City. For nearly two years laborers and carpenters worked an average of ten hours a day earning respectively $2 and $4 a day.

It wasnít until March 30, 1894 that the lighthouse was finally completed and lit by Andrew Hald, Heceta Headís first principal keeper. An exquisitely massive First Order Fresnel Lens, manufactured in London was installed in the 56í tower. The lens contains eight panels, with 640 prisms, each two inches thick. It is said to be the strongest beacon on the Oregon Coast, and is visible for over 21 miles.

The outpost was extremely remote and isolated until the 1930ís when Route 101, the Pacific Coast Highway, was constructed. Today there is direct access through Devils Elbow State Park. The historic Queen Ann style assistant keeperís house was built in 1893, perched on a cliff, with paths leading both to the beach and to the lighthouse.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, known by many, as "Oregonís Jewel" is one of the most visited lighthouses in the U.S. Itís romantic aura and spectacular views create a magical atmosphere. It is now a beautiful Bed and Breakfast where visitors come to relax and enjoy this wonderful sentinel. For reservations call 541-547-3696.


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